What is Vital™ Technology?

Computerized ElectroDermal Stress Analysis is the end-product of a 50-year evolution in Biological-Energetic/Biofeedback testing. The computer measures the degree of electrical resistance of the acupuncture points, generally the hands and feet. These measurements indicate the balances or imbalances, of the various organs, systems and glands, and can detect low-level reactions in the body. It also indicates which nutritional or homeopathic remedy and the exact potency that will bring about an energy balance. While being tested there are no side effects, discomforts or piercing of the skin.

EuroMed Global provides training and certification in the Vital™ Technology that will give you the knowledge and hands-on skills to really make a difference with your clients. The software is designed thru a step-by-step program to screen for viruses, bacteria, parasites, subluxations, and even stress and emotional interferences. Thus it supplies you with the most advanced natural healthcare technology available.

Where Did This Technology Come From?

The use of Electrodermal Testing dates back to the early 1950’s to a German medical doctor named of Reinhold Voll. He developed the first electronic testing device for finding acupuncture points. He then devoted his life to identifying correlations between disease states and changes in the electrical resistance of the various acupuncture points.

For example, he found that patients with lung disease had abnormal readings relating to the lungs. This allowed acupuncture points to be used diagnostically (until Voll, they had only been used as treatment).

In more recent years researchers from UCLA and USC have verified Dr. Voll’s findings with double-blind studies, and found there was 87 percent accuracy between Voll’s electronic testing device and the result of the x-ray diagnosis. Due to Voll’s lifelong research we are now able to incorporate acupuncture with remedies and technology.

Why This System?
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Move Up to The Most Advanced Computerized Electrodermal Screening System Available on The Market Today

James Hawver N.M.D., founder of Standard Enzyme Company, became frustrated with software systems that only addressed symptoms. He decided to work on development of a more comprehensive system instead. This system would be designed to identify the root cause of the client’s health concern. It was quiet revolutionary.

The first generation of software was the Computerized ElectroDermal Stress Analysis (CEDSA), which has been effectively used by many physicians, naturopaths and health care providers for more than a decade.

Just as Microsoft and Apple routinely release new versions of their software with the newest technology available...the CEDSA system has recently been updated. With ongoing research and development the Vital™ Software System, was created to be a more dynamic generation of software or “smart software.” It will be updated continuously with the newest strains of viruses, bacteria, and products to make it a dynamic, integrative tool for health care practitioners. Vital™ is built with the latest technology using .net and C#, it works with Windows XP (systems 7 and 8), as well as Apple’s MAC (Bootcamp). It is a secure and expandable database using SQL technology. Due to this vastly improved platform, the Vital™ System’s development and research team will make constant updates and improvements (available to you at regular intervals) to ultimately provide you with better screening capability.

With an established history in software design you have the security of an experienced team that supports you as a technician.

With the introduction of the new Vital™ System Software you have a system that is affordable, extremely effective, requires minimal training, and allows you to greatly improve your client’s health and quality of life. For these reasons it becomes an ideal opportunity for persons who would like to enter into the healthcare industry.